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Offering a short, sharp seasonal menu featuring locally sourced upscale produce
and a carefully curated list of local and international wines, cocktails and beers, Midnight Bar is a stylish destination with a strong dining focus.

Positioned in the heart of Braddon, Canberra’s emerging dynamic and cultural hub and connected to Midnight Hotel, Midnight Bar is the place to see and be seen.


Food inspired by liquid

Midnight Bar is a beverage-led venue.

Bringing you the best produce of the region and further afield, we allow the world's cuisines to flow through our short, sharp seasonal menu. At Midnight Bar, the food highlights the beverage, and the beverage mandates the food.



The ultimate inner-city event venue, Midnight Bar offers an evocative, moody backdrop for special evening events. 

Catering for up to 300 guests, Midnight Bar's sharp, chic interior design features plush textural finishings complemented by a modern, alfresco dining setting. 


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